Some models are good. Some models are bad.

Models on runways sampling the latest in feminine yet Christian clothing? Good.

Models that predict massive climate change used to justify people hating economic policies that turn out to be completely false? Bad. Bad models.

So, all y’all have heard about all the terrible ice melting going on in the Antarctic right? You know, temperatures are so high due to all those light bulbs and 17 ounce drinks that the ice shelves just can’t take it no mores. You know those studies, right?

Well, it turns out that all those studies weren’t the kind of studies where people actual go study stuff. They were the kind of studies in which people knew what kind of outcome they wanted and built these little models (computer models, not the good paper mache or the Sports Illustrated kind) that gave them the results they wanted.

But then some scientists went and did a silly and very unscientific thing. They actually went to Antarctica and measured the ice and the water temps. Turns out, the water temps and the ice are completely stable. It is not warming or melting after all.

Phew. What a relief. Based on those models, I was about to support massive wealth redistribution and barbaric family planning practices in order to save Mamaa Gaia. I am glad somebody actually went and checked it before it was too late.

So can we have our light bulbs and our big families back now?

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