A light shines in the darkness.

This girl seems like a girl a Dad could be proud of. The Christian Diarist reports:

When she was hired by the sports bar nearly five years ago, Courtney and her fellow female employees wore a uniform of shirt and pants. But that changed recently, when the ownership ordered waitresses to wear tiny little school-girl skirts.

Courtney went so far as to try on the skirt, but the petite young woman found she couldn’t bend – even a little – without exposing herself. Her biggest fear was that some liquored up customer would pull off her skirt – which was fastened at the waist by mere Velcro – either by accident or intention.

After submitting a written complaint back in January, Courtney was no longer required to squeeze into an itty-bit skirt sized for a pre-teen girl. However, she contends, her hours were cut, and her income diminished.

This reminds me of that story a few years ago when high school cheerleaders rejected the uniform the school gave them because it was so skimpy.

It’s refreshing because it’s so rare to hear of young people saying no to the Gaga-fication of the culture. Because it’s not just being good and modest it’s also raising your daughter to be strong enough to stand up for modesty.

As a father of four daughters, this one just struck me as something to aim for.