This is horrible. I’ve never heard of this guy but maybe you have before. It’s pretty terrible. The Huffington Post reports that a priest who lived in New York but now lives in London is a self professed gay Catholic priest who is non-celibate; has been married to a man for the past 14 years, and has officiated over the weddings of many gay and lesbian Catholic couples. And guess what? He’s written a book about it.

I’m not going to go into the whole interview with Father Bernard Lynchh because I’m too disturbed. He does say that he was expelled from his order last year.

“I was expeled from my order just as recently as November of last year and I am under threat of suspension from the priesthood,” he said.

And yet, he vows to stay in the church as long as he can, and explained why he would stay in a church that promotes bigotry against his own kind.

“I believe in Christ. and I believe in the Gospel of justice,” he explained. “There is gross injustice in my church, therefore I feel a duty to stay within and say this is not the way I see it, as Christ would have it. I believe the Gospel is about human and civil rights, for all people.”

I suspect you’ll be seeing more of this story. I’m thinking that the media will have found their new favorite priest. But if this story is true, the Vatican needs to act. Fast.