My favorite lawsuit or complaint against an abortion clinic is always the next one. But this one is just so good I had to bring it to your attention.

The Journal Gazette reports:

The head of Allen County Right to Life filed an ADA compliance complaint with the U.S. Department of Justice against the local clinic that provides abortions.

On Monday, Cathie Humbarger filed a complaint under the Americans with Disabilities Act against F.W.S.–H. Heine Inc., which does business as Fort Wayne Women’s Health.

In her complaint, Humbarger alleges the abortion clinic, at 2210 Inwood Drive, is not wheelchair-accessible. The parking lot contains no spaces reserved for people with disabilities, and Humbarger said she has seen women in apparent physical discomfort struggling to get to their cars from the doors to the clinic. The Allen County Right to Life office is located near Fort Wayne Women’s Health.

“(T)hese women were unable to walk unassisted,” Humbarger wrote in her complaint. “On each occasion, the women were being physically held up by a Fort Wayne Women’s Health employee … It was obvious that their physical condition required being transported in a wheelchair, but that this is not available to them because there is no wheelchair ramp at the facility.”

I’m a big fan of catching Al Capone for not paying taxes. You get them on whatever you can.

I think it’s great. Sue these jerks for anything. Complain about them to any organization you can. They’re killing babies inside. At least let’s make them lawyer up.