Sometimes while observing the Romney campaign I have flashbacks of John McCain and briefly contemplate plucking my eyes out, joining a monastery, or suicide. Noble soul that I am, I persevere.

So I scratch my head when a number of prominent Republicans (ick, right?) publicly counsel and cajole Romney to release additional tax docs. Romney has so far refused.

Romney is right.

Why in heaven’s name would he voluntarily release additional documents when the sole purpose they are being requested is so that the opposition can find any additional information that they can twist for their own nefarious agenda.

Why would you give ammunition to a bunch of proven liars to use against you?

Releasing additional docs would be like a pretty girl purposely taking roofies before heading to a frat party. Only bad things can happen.

Releasing additional docs does not take the issue off the table and some of the errant counselors advise, it makes it the centerpiece.

The Obama campaign would take any bit of information, no matter ancillary or innocent, twist it, deform it, and make the central talking point for a few more weeks.

No. Romney is right. He has released enough. Tell ’em to take a hike.