*subhead*The pro-life bill that made Obama mute.*subhead*

Do you want to know the effectiveness framing abortion legislation in terms of fetal pain? Simple. It is the first time Obama has hedged his support for abortion on demand.

Congress is considering a bill to limit abortions in DC when babies can feel pain. Abortion restrictions in Obama’s backyard? You would think the President would be all over it and threatening a veto. You would be wrong.

Obama hasn’t said a word about it.

The White House is silent as House Republicans prepare to pass a novel law curbing second trimester abortions, despite furious opposition from President Barack Obama’s allies in the abortion-advocacy groups.

Representatives will vote July 31 for or against the bill, which would limit abortions in the District of Columbia of unborn humans who able to sense pain, which occurs at roughly 20 weeks.

The law would not cover abortions outside the district, but would boost the national campaign to pass similar laws in states. So far, legislators in seven states have passed laws curbing abortion after the baby’s brain develops enough to register pain.

A July poll of 1,000 adults showed that 58 percent of adults would be more likely to vote for legislators who support the legislation. Only 27 percent of the adults would be less likely to back supportive legislators, according to the poll, conducted by the polling company, inc.

Obama’s silence may anger abortion-choice advocates, but those advocates will likely support Obama in his campaign against Mitt Romney.

Obama does not want to be on record supporting the killing of children when they can feel pain. Obama doesn’t care about the babies, of course. But he does care about voters and he cannot afford to lose any votes on this issue which is popular across party lines.

If this type of legislation even makes the pro-infanticide president hedge his bets, you know it is working.

Obama is feeling fetal pain.