Really, I hate Republicans.

Hate. Them.

James Pethokoukis at AEI writes about the gloom and negativity that pervades among establishment Republicans in Tampa.

A new Washington Post-ABC News poll has Mitt Romney up by a point over Barack Obama 47% to 46%. (46% is a truly horrible number for an incumbent.) But it is going to take more than a few narrow polls to change what I sense to be the widespread mood here that Romney is very narrowly losing, but the race remains winnable.

So it was with great interest that I listened to the thoughts a longtime, much-respected GOP operative, whom I will nickname the Gloomy Guru. Among GG’s observation:

– If Romney loses, there will be war in the GOP over immigration and how party is connecting — or, rather, not connecting — with Hispanic voters. Sticking Marco Rubio or some other profile Hispanic politician on the ticket is not enough. Very adamant about this.

These gloomy jackasses are the very same people who forced Mitt Romney on the conservatives in the first place with the mantra “He can Win! Its all about winning!”

And now these mealy mouthed cowards are already trying to set up conservatives for blame if their hand-selected winnable candidate loses.

I hate these people.

Stop it! Shut up! You are idiots!

You want to know how you get Hispanic voters? I will tell you. Govern like a principled conservative, be the party of liberty, life, and prosperity and Hispanics will see that it works and then they will vote for you!!! It is that simple.

These darn non-conservative establishment Republicans forced Romney on us and when we are finally getting on board, they are hedging their bets and pro-actively blaming conservatives if he loses.

I hate Republicans!!!!

*subhead*Stop it! Shut up! You are idiots!*subhead*