The highest paid teachers in America are striking. Take that info and consider the fact that about 80 percent of 8th graders in Chicago can’t read proficiently. And then wonder if a strike is a bad thing?

But they’re striking for the children. Be assured of that. It’s all about those precious little darlings.

Get used to it. If Obama wins, this is the whole country. Remember, and this is important, the Democrats, as shown here, don’t really give a darn about the kids. It’s about power. And Obama is currently taking part in the Chicago-ization of America.

This is your future. The left wants to indoctrinate your children and they want extremely high salaries to do it.

Dont’ worry about Rahm Emanuel’s kids though. They’re in private school. Oh wait, for some reason we’re not allowed to mention that. Families of Republicans can be dragged through the mud of the media and it’s all well and good but we’re not allowed to mention that Rahm is imprisoning children in failing schools while he sends his children elsewhere.

The schools meanwhile have been turned into soup kitchens for the students. They better get used to soup kitchens if they’re unable to read.

I think it was Condoleeza Rice who recently called school choice the civil rights struggle of our time. She’s right. Black babies are aborted at crazy high levels and those abortion clinics funnel mad amounts of money to the Democrat party. Then we imprison the survivors into failing schools that pay high salaries to teachers unions which also…you guessed it…support the Democrat Party.