I have great hope for Wednesday night’s debate. Right now, the race seems pretty close. Maybe Mitt’s behind a little bit. But I’ve got to tell you, there’s something about that five percent undecided that makes me wonder. Don’t you think that at least one or two percent of those “undecided” demographic actually simply didn’t want to admit that they’re not voting for Obama.

Seriously, is there any societal downside to saying you’re voting for Obama? I think we’d all have to admit that those who are voting against Obama are immediately assumed to be racist by the media and at least some percentage of the populace. I absolutely suspect that there’s at least some people who would claim to be undecided while at least leaning Romney.

I still remember years ago, heading up to the bookstore counter with a bunch of books Thomas Sowell’s “Black Rednecks and White Liberals” and seeing a black woman at the counter and me hesitating. I didn’t want her to think I was racist. I stood there for a minute and tried to time it so I’d get the white receptionist next to her. But I messed up the math and I ended up getting checked out by the black lady. She saw the name of the book but she didn’t really react.

But Wednesday night is important because I’m sure that there are some who are actually undecided. I can’t imagine how but I’m sure there are. Look, Obama’s numbers can’t get above about 47 or 48 percent. That means Romney can absolutely still claim them. Here’s the thing –Mitt has not been able to overcome the aggressive media bias. Everything he says is labeled a gaffe. Everything. And every shortcoming of Obama’s is ignored. Completely. Wednesday night, at least for an hour or so, will be able to speak unfiltered straight to the American people. Sure, all the questions will have a liberal slant and Obama won’t get any tough questions whatsoever but this is Mitt’s opportunity to connect with the American people. And by connect I don’t mean in that way that we tried to during the convention (“I love women!!!). I mean Romney needs to show how Obama has failed this country and how Romney can do better. That shouldn’t be a tough thing to do considering Obama’s been an absolute disaster.

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