Why would I possibly go see a historical film made by a guy who shows a complete ignorance of history.

This actually ticks me off. This asshat Steven Spielberg belongs to a party that has for its entire history sought to declare certain people as “not human” so as they can legally act in a barbaric manner and he criticizes the Republican Party? You know, the thing is he doesn’t even criticize the party, he just says it like it’s common wisdom that the GOP is pro-slavery and racist. Like it’s common freakin’ knowledge. Maybe that’s what passes for common knowledge in Hollywood but in these parts we call that ignorance.

And this idiot made a movie about the Republican Abraham Lincoln? Here’s the nugget from Weasel Zippers:

“Don’t let this political football play back and forth,” the Oscar-winning director said he urged distributors, noting the “confusing” aspect in the film that shows how U.S. political parties back in Lincoln’s time “traded political places over the last 150 years.”

In contrast to today, the Republican party to which Lincoln belonged was founded by anti-slavery activists and Republicans were often tagged “radicals.”

That’s just idiocy. The Democrats were pro-slavery and they were against civil rights when Republicans were pushing the 1964 Civil Rights Acts. And they’re still the ones who condescend to African-Americans and act as if they can’t help themselves.

I don’t give much of a damn about the Republican party per se. But you know he’s talking about everyone on the right here. Yeah, Steven Spielberg thinks you’re a pro-slavery racist. And the president that Spielberg is running around donating money to advocates the legal killing of both the unborn and recently born. And we’re the inhuman ones?

I’m not boycotting this jerk. I’m just not seeing his movie. I repeat — Why would I go see a historical film made by a guy who shows a complete ignorance of history.