Eleven years ago a private Catholic school in Milwaulkee’s football team joined together with a local public school’s team to form one team.

The helmets of the team has both school’s logos kinda’ mixed together with some kind of big cat and a cross. From what I understand, a student came up with it and they’ve used it. Now, it’s been like this for years. Until now.

Someone complained. And now the school board voted to remove the cross.

WTMJ reports that Brother Bob Smith who runs Messmer Catholic schools said, “We are not happy about it.”

“It’s clearly a Christian cross,” board member Michael Mishlove told ShorewoodNOW.com.

“I think it’s inappropriate to have on a uniform or any sort of school authorized clothing, as I think it could be viewed as an endorsement

.” That’s completely bonkers. Look, it’s a joining together of two teams, one a Catholic school and the other a public school. so why shouldn’t the team logo show that? It’s not an endorsement. It’s an acknowledgement of reality. In the high school’s case, it’s simply an acknowledgement that it’s a partnership. Nothing more.

This reminds me of the lunacy occuring in Steubenville which removed a cross from the city’s logo because The Franciscan University of Steubenville is a major part of town. Has it gotten to the point where the public sector has to wipe out any sign of Christianity?

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