Variety is reporting that the movie about the sexual abuse scandal now has a writer and a director attached to it. And the writer is from the television show “The West Wing.” What could possibly go wrong?

Win Win” helmer Tom McCarthy and scribe Josh Singer (“The West Wing”) have boarded Anonymous Content and Rocklin/Faust’s untitled Boston Globe project, which follows the Pulitzer Prize-winning journalists who exposed the Catholic Church’s decades-long cover-up of child molestation in Massachusetts.

Due to the sensitivity of the subject matter, McCarthy has been working in secret for more than a year on the project that chronicles the worldwide scandal.

Essentially, it seems like it’ll be like “All the President’s Men.” So yeah, it’ll be “All the Pope’s Men.”

How much you want to bet that this movie will be the most praised movie since that movie they made about that woman who performed back alley abortions. Critics loved it and I’m pretty sure it got all sorts of nominations but nobody saw it.

Reportedly, at least one A-list star has expressed interest in the material. Come on. Just one? Whoever does this movie is going to receive instant celebration from the media about how “brave” they are to make a movie about a topic that everyone in the world agrees was wrong.

The movie about the abuse that’s still going on in public schools is oddly enough not in production.

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