My head tells me that Romney is going to win today. There’s no way around it. My heart thinks Romney is going to win. But still there’s this nagging doubt, this horrifying dread that my fellow Americans are all lunatics and that Obama is going to win so that he can completely tear apart the fabric of this country. What? You expected him to get it done in just four years?

I’m honestly thinking about going to the movies tonight while the election results drip in. I’m thinking something mindless like watching Liam Neeson concuss foreigners.

I’ll let Pat fret and worry over each new drip of information and misinformation from the media. I don’t think I can. Too much hangs in the balance. I’ll wait until I just hear the results in one quick hit. Romney wins. Or Obama wins. No horse race. No rumors.

I’ll vote today. I’ll pray today. And then I’ll watch Liam Neeson punch people in the throat and eat a tub of popcorn. With my phone off.