Girls, the scourge of mankind since Eve snookered Adam into taking a bite of the apple, are finally getting their comeuppance in Europe. Other parts of the world including China and India have shown the way in preventing females from bothering mankind. But finally, Europe is seeing the light and targeting little girls in the womb before they can do damage.

America, in this respect, is sadly lagging and remains an equal opportunity aborter.

News reports show that gendercide is all the rage in Europe:

According to a recent study by the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), in Albania, 112 boys are born for every 100 girls, while in Kosovo and Montenegro the figures stand at 110 and 109 boys per 100 girls respectively.

Showing that all technology can eventually be weaponized, experts are pointing to ultrasounds as a major cause of gendercide as you can peer into the womb and see the gender of the baby and then make a decision whether that baby lives up to your standards. It’s like Carfax. But for people. Oh wait. Potential people.