I have been having some fun on twitter.

In order to prevent any future fake girlfriends, we should ban all legitimate girlfriends with two cosmetic features.

Manti Te’o should just surround himself with children. People accept all kinds of fake things when you surround yourself with children,

Usually when your phony ex-girlfriend comes back from the dead, it’s because you had too much to drink and felt lonely.

Wow. People falling in love with someone who doesn’t exist when they should have seen all the signs of fraud. It’s just like the election.

I am fairly sure my wife fell in love with somebody who doesn’t exist but she still maintains the delusion too.

Let he among you that has not had a phony ex-girlfriend cast the first stone.

Manti Te’o should count his blessings, sometimes you don’t figure out they are fake until after you marry them.

On the upside, you can’t drunk dial a fake ex-girlfriend.

Sometimes I wish my evil ex-girlfriends weren’t real, so does my self-esteem and my bank account.

I was once in love with somebody who didn’t exist, he had a sled and elves. Kinda the same thing, but a little different I guess. Kinda.