The relief of Cardinal Mahony of public duties in L.A. by Archbishop Gomez is likely just the beginning of the end for Cardinal Mahony.

As the Deacon’s Bench reports via Rocco Palmo, the current steps have little canonical impact and most of Cardinal Mahony’s faculties and prerogatives derive directly from Rome.

However, in all likelihood, Archbishop Gomez consulted with Rome in his effort to distance the Diocese from the evil work of these men and that the other Vatican shoe is sure to drop soon. I hope real soon.

All this got me to thinking about Cardinal Mahony’s legacy. For those of us who watched it at the time, it is hard not to think of Cardinal Mahony without also thinking of the legacy of Mother Angelica. Their two competing visions of the Church came to a head in the late 90’s and for a while it was quite unclear which vision would prevail. Ultimately, it is too soon to say which vision will prevail, but perhaps it is not too soon to ponder their legacies.

Cardinal Mahony, whose dereliction of spiritual and human duty, led Archbishop …

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