I read a lot, dozens of news articles every day. I’m used to being in the know. I think many of us are like that now. Let’s face it, we’ve become so used to having information at our fingertips (literally) that I think we don’t react very well the unknown. We’ve lost the ability to say, “God only knows.”

So absent facts, we send for the prognosticators and “experts” to fill the void. This past week we’ve all seen, read, and heard from the guessing class about who the next Pope will be. “Papabile” is a word that’s entered common usage on Catholic sites in the past two weeks. But the unbearable truth is that nobody knows anything.

So we read and watch things hoping to confirm our hopes. We all have our favorite “Papabile” but they are all just possibilities, not probabilities. The cardinals don’t even know yet.

We seem incapable of simply waiting to learn who the next Vicar of Christ will be. No matter how much we Google or Bing the answer is not out there. Even Drudge doesn’t have the answer.

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