I hear so much about what we need in a Pope today.  They say we need and ecumenical Pope, a Pastoral Pope, a media savvy Pope, a bridge builder who is committed to Vatican II.  Well, I agree.  Sorta.

I want an Ecumenical Pope and by ecumenical I mean the kind of ecumenism that begins and ends with the Truth (with a capital T). I want a Pope that will not water down the truth or seeks some safe common ground. I want a Pope that says that the Church has the pure and total deposit of faith. Get on board or get out of the way. You know, ol’ school ecumenism.

I want a Pastoral Pope, and by pastoral I mean a Pope who will protect the sheep from the wolves. I want a Pope that will clean house, not just at the curial level which all the talk these days, but at the diocesan level. A Pope that will once and for all purge the lavender mafia from the highest member of the curia to the smallest seminary. We need to clean house with the strongest bleach to keep generational plague from being handed down.

I want a Media Savvy Pope and by media savvy I mean a Pope that doesn’t give a crap about the media. If a Pope is doing his job, the media will hate him. I want a Pope that doesn’t give a thought to how the media treats him because he has zero desire for them to love him. The Pope needs to go above the heads of the media and to do this requires a functional and savvy media and press office. The should burn the current press office to the ground and start over.

I want a Pope that Builds Bridges and by building bridges I mean building them in places that he has already blown them up. You know when the most bridges get built? When armies have blown up the ones used by the enemy. You don’t build bridges to people who want to invade and destroy you. You destroy their bridges and build new ones that are well protected.  Building bridges to the Orthodox, good.  Building bridges to agnostipalians, not so much.

I want a Pope Committed to Vatican II and by Vatican II I mean the actual documents, not some ridiculous spirit.  I want a Pope that will actually implement the liturgical vision expressed in the documents of Vatican II.   I want a Pope that will reform the current liturgy to be in line with all that cam before it, while incorporating some of the reasonable changes the council called for. Fix it before it is too late.

In short, I want a Pope to be Pope.  Is that too much to ask?

*subhead*I want a Pope to be Pope.*subhead*