Three Maryland abortion clinics have had their licenses suspended by the state. But don’t worry they still get to keep aborting babies if they promise to do better in the future. I guess, because their work is so important it doesn’t matter if they’re putting lives in danger. Otherwise, babies might be born!!!!!

The three clinics were busted for “deficient care,” employing untrained nurses, using faulty and outdated machinery.

ABC News reports:

Three abortion clinics in Maryland had their licenses suspended last week as a result of Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene inspections.

Associates in OB/GYN Care locations in Baltimore city, Silver Spring and Landover all had their licenses flagged…

According to a letter from the DHMH, in order resume performing surgical abortion procedures, the company will need to submit a plan of correction, implement the plan of correction and have no other identified serious deficiencies. The facilities are allowed to stay open and provide other procedures while the plan of correction is being implemented.

The rules governing surgical abortion providers in Maryland were published in July 2012. The measures implemented marked the first time surgical abortion facilities in the state became subject to licensure.

Can you imagine that abortion has been legal for 40 years and the states are just now getting around to subjecting them to licensure?

I suspect that many states are now scrambling to put things together since the horror show that was exposed in Philadelphia with the blood all over the floor and the frozen babies in the freezers and on shelves. That is the one silver lining to that house of horrors. Pro-lifers have been pointing out for years the deficient state of abortuaries but to no avail. But Kermit Gosnell’s “clinic” forced it into the public consciousness.

That’s one thing that must be driven home. These clinics do not care about women. They care about profit. And hey, new machinery costs money. And if a woman dies because of it, so be it.

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