It’s recently been discovered that the newly selected pope has ties with a hate group which discriminates against women and homosexuals. Some say the group is even more hateful and dangerous than the boy scouts.

The news should shock the millions of people who seemed to like the so called “humility” of the new pope who still rides the bus.

Some say it was shocking to learn that the last pope had ties to Hitler Youth but that at least wasn’t voluntary. But Pope Francis seems to have joined the hate group some call The Catholic Church voluntarily and served in it for many years, at least since 1969.

But it gets worse. While millions of Catholics call themselves Catholic while not actually believing anything the Church stands for, Pope Francis actually seems to believe in what the Church promulgates as truth, such as that homosexuals are evil. The group also doesn’t allow women to serve in any roles of responsibility.

“I can’t believe the Pope is Catholic and not just nominally Catholic,” said one media analyst who had hoped that the Church would promote a pope that didn’t actually believe in Catholicism. “This is the 21st century and all.”

Many take hope that the pope is 76 years old and has only one lung in the hopes that the cardinals elected an elderly pope as a “placeholder pope” so that they can then elect a pope who is not so Catholic next time.