I just met a woman at the bookstore who told me a great story. I was sitting next to her tap tap tapping away on my keyboard here and she was seated at the next table. In between us though was the cutest baby in the world in a car seat absolutely blissfully asleep with a blue pacifier in his mouth.

She thanked me for being quiet when I got up to grab some water. We ended up talking for a few minutes. Actually we whispered. She had two other children who were at school at the time. She was waiting to go pick them up.

I made fun of her for reading a Young Adult book. I could make the joke because I’d read the book before. She said it’s better than what she used to read. She said she used to read magazines like Cosmo and things like that. Until one day she walked into a room to see her two year old kicking back on the couch leafing through Cosmo.

Oh no.

She said she took it away from him but then she wondered why on Earth did she have Cosmo in the house if it was so inappropriate for children. And if it was inappropriate for children, then it was probably inappropriate for her as well to have in the house. So she stopped reading it.

It’s funny how kids not only change everything we do but also how we see things. They offer us an opportunity for a fresh perspective on ourselves.

Now, I gotta’ go pick up the kids.