This is sad. 1,000 students at a Catholic college rioted last night. Why? It seems because they were all drunk.

Sadly, it seems that this isn’t the first time University of Dayton students rioted on Saint Patrick’s Day. In fact, it’s happened so often that the university has worked to change the time of spring break so that students are home and not on campus for St. Patrick’s Day. (That’s getting to the root of the problem!?)

If this were just a dozen or so idiots that would be one thing. But according to reports this was 1,000 students. 1,000. That’s crazy. This is a terrible black eye for the university as well as Catholic higher education in general.

But don’t worry, it wasn’t the students fault. As seems so stereotypical, at least one student blamed the cops.

“We weren’t out there trying to cause trouble,” Matt Kolb, a 19-year-old student said, according to The Cardinal Newman Society. “We were out there trying to have fun. The cops caused the crowd to go a little bit bananas.”

Yeah, it’s the cops fault that students were jumping on top of cars and throwing beer bottles.

The administration has promised to “evaluate” what the problem may have been. That makes you feel better, right?

The story starts at 1:08 so just go right there.