The most amazing news coming out of the Unitarian Church is that they finally found people sooooo radical that they don’t like them. Actually, the hilarious part is it’s not that they don’t like them, it’s that they know they have to pretend not to.

The Unitarians are telling polyamorists to shut up while they push for same-sex marriage, according to The Washington Post.

But as the issue of same-sex marriage heads to the Supreme Court, many committed Unitarians think the denomination should have a position, which is that polyamory activists should just sit down and be quiet. For one thing, poly activists are seen as undermining the fight for same-sex marriage. The UUA has officially supported same-sex marriage, the spokeswoman says, “since 1979, with tons of resolutions from the general assembly.”

Conservative opponents of same-sex marriage have long used the slippery-slope argument: If states are permitted to let two men or two women marry, then what’s to stop them from giving the same privilege to two men and one woman, or two women and one man? Or six? Or 12? Once you legitimize same-sex marriage, sociologist Peter Berger wrote on his blog in 2011, “you open the door to any number of other alternatives to marriage as a union of one man and one woman: polygamous (an interesting question for Muslims in Germany and dissident Mormons in Arizona), polyandrous, polygenerational – perhaps polyspecies?”

The Unitarians are so liberal that they’re playing right into conservative hands.

The one thing about the Unitarians is they’re not hard to predict.

The thing about the Catholic Church which is accused of being stodgy and stuck in the muck and mire of the Middle Ages is it’s hardly predictable if one uses the modern prism of right vs. left. But while the Catholic Church is unpredictable it’s also outspoken about issues.

The Unitarians aren’t even taking a stand on polyamory. Wait until polyamory is fashionable then you’ll know exactly where the Unitarians will be on the issue.