Amen and amen.

The Pope crashed a priest’s Holy Thursday lunch and had these words to say about confession which I sum up this way. If you get in the confessional and turn on the light, they will come. Oh yes, they will come.

Archbishop Giovanni Becciu has a longtime custom of inviting priests to join him for lunch on Holy Thursday – a custom that predates his 2011 appointment as sostituto, the deputy secretary of state responsible for the internal affairs of the Roman Curia). When Pope Francis heard about the meal with the priests, most of whom work with the poor, he said he wanted to attend.

The Pope “said, ‘Open the doors of the Church, and then the people will come in … if you keep the light on in the confessional and are available, then you will see what kind of line there is for confession,’” recounted Msgr. Enrico Feroci, the director of Caritas Rome.

“The Pope said he was confident of the need of the people of God for priests to open the doors and allow the people to meet God,” Msgr. Feroci added.

The Pope wants to put the focus back on the poor, poor sinners that is. I think this is awesome. I would be so pleased if this went beyond advice and into some papal initiative.

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