Just last year, Bob Casey ran for re-election as a pro-marriage senator. Now, the Catholic senator from Pennsylvania, has “evolved” on the issue and is now in line with his party by declaring he’s pro-gay marriage . Wonder if this has anything to do with recent polls shifting towards gay marriage.

This is hardly stunning coming from Casey who swore all over the state that he was a devout Catholic and pro-life like his father, the late Governor Bob Casey. The “pro-life” Casey has repeatedly betrayed the unborn both with his vote for Obamacare and repeated votes to fund Planned Parenthood. If someone is willing to turn their backs on the issue of life, marriage isn’t that big of a deal.

Casey’s statement, according to The Inquirer, seemed to argue that gay marriage will help strengthen marriage:

“If two people of the same sex fall in love and want to marry, why would our government stand in their way?” Casey said in a statement that included “support for marriage equality.”

“At a time when many Americans lament a lack of commitment in our society between married men and women, why would we want less commitment and fewer strong marriages?” he said.

The Bishop of Scranton Joseph Bambera released a statement on Senator Casey’s stance on gay marriage stating:

Pennsylvania’s senior United States Senator, Robert Casey issued a statement supporting marriage equality for same-sex couples and asserting his belief that the Defense of Marriage Act should be repealed. In so doing, Senator Casey has unfortunately and disappointingly set aside the Catholic belief and teaching that the sacrament of marriage, rooted in the natural law, is a faithful, exclusive, lifelong, loving union of a man and a woman open to the transmission of human life. The dual purpose of marriage: the unity and love of a man and a woman, and procreation has been rooted in human history long before any religion, nation or law was established. Senator Casey’s position is contrary to the teaching of the Catholic Church.

While the Church has been and continues to be clear in its long standing teaching on marriage, its defense of marriage should not be interpreted as an attack on individuals with same sex attractions. The Church likewise has proclaimed since its beginnings that every person has an inherent dignity. Like all human beings, our lesbian or gay sisters and brothers are beloved children of God. As a result, the Catholic Church affirms that they “must be accepted with respect, compassion and sensitivity. Every sign of unjust discrimination in this regard should be avoided” [Catechism of the Catholic Church no. 2358]. Clearly, the Church asserts that the fundamental human rights of all persons must be defended, and encourages the elimination of any form of injustice, oppression, or violence against all people, regardless of sexual orientation.

That’s a pretty strongly worded statement. Let’s all keep our eye on what comes next, if anything.

One interesting note here from the Inquirer’s story on Casey’s evolution on this issue is how they describe Casey. Check it out and see if you pick up on it:

Pennsylvania Sen. Bob Casey said Monday that he now supports same-sex marriage, reversing his position and joining a long line of Democrats who have changed their minds on an issue that has seen a rapid shift in public opinion.

Casey, a moderate Democrat on social issues and a pro-life Catholic, said letters from constituents had “a substantial” impact on his views. He singled out one in which a woman with two children and an 18-year-long relationship said she wanted her family to be treated “equally and with respect.”

Yup. A news source described a politician as being “pro-life.” Can you believe it? I thought that was verboten. So I guess the only way to be called “pro-life” by the media is to not be pro-life. Oh, and be a Democrat.