If only all priests could marry we’d never have any trouble in the Church and everything would be all unicorns with rainbows for tails. That’s what we’re told all the time. The media would love us, right? And I’m sure we’d never get a story like this one from the Orlando Sun-Sentinel:

They were men of the cloth.

But their cloth of preferance must have been silk — as in lingerie.

Lead Pastor David Loveless, who has been married for 33-years and was recognized as “one of the top 20 Christian leaders in the US to watch,” has resigned from the Discovery Church in Orlando after admitting to having an affair, reports the Orlando Sentinel.

Loveless is the third pastor of a major Orlando-area church to resign within the past six-months because of an affair.

Look at the joy the media takes in reporting these kinds of stories about religious. And if there’s one thing the media loves more than taking down Christian pastors, it’s Catholic priests.

So if you ever think to yourself that allowing all priests to marry would be a good p.r. move for the Church which would get the media to lighten up, think again. Every divorce proceeding would become front page material.

Please remember, it’s not that the Catholic Church doesn’t typically allow married priests, it’s not even about women’s ordination, and it’s not even just about abortion or gay rights. They hate the Church because the Church follows Jesus and not their progressive agenda. They hate the Church because the Church stands for something. It’s not this issue or that issue, it’s that the Church stands for something at all.