While every township, city and borough across this once great nation of ours falls to its knees at the rumor of an angry atheist threatening a lawsuit, a group of little girls just took an atheist group to the woodshed. And in case you’re not familiar with that metaphor for kicking someone’s a$$, it means that the girls beat the disgruntled atheists like they enjoyed it.

There’s been little evidence to support the rumor that this is the closest anyone from the Freedom from Religion foundation has been to a girl not named “Mom” in years.

Catholic Online reports:

A Texas judge has dealt the new atheists a blow after running in favor of free speech. In a case brought by disgruntled atheists, a group of middle school cheerleaders were sued for making references to God on their spirit banners. After originally being told to stop, a judge has reassured them, they are within their First Amendment rights and may continue making banners.

Finding that there is no law against what they were doing, a judge ruled that the cheerleaders violated no laws by holding banners during football games that made references to God.

Koutnze Middle School cheerleaders say they have a tradition of making biblical and religious references on the banners which they hold at the end of halftime and the players run through when they return to the field. It’s a widespread tradition practiced at schools across the nation.

However, when the “Freedom from Religion Foundation” a litigious atheist organization whose purpose is to destroy any public references to God, threatened to sue the school if it did not order the kids to stop referring to God on their banners.

Initially, lawyers for the tiny school district advised the school to stop, so the cheerleaders complied, but filed a case with the courts. The district then allowed the banners to continue but said it retains the right to control what is written on them.

Remember that show “Heroes” with the catchphrase “Save the cheerleader, save the world.” Well, it looks like the cheerleaders are doing ok all by themselves.