Cognitive dissonance is defined as the discomfort one feels when holding to two mutually exclusive thoughts. It is natural to feel such discomfort since one of the thoughts must obviously be false.

However, when one holds two mutually exclusive thoughts by remain untroubled and comfortably numb even in the face of such conflict, we call that the media.

Generally, the media holds its own hands to its ears yelling “La! La! La! La! La!” so that they do not have to face or cover any story that reveals the true horrors of elective abortion. So much so that when elective abortions make the horror manifest, such as in the Gosnell case, the media can barely muster a mention even in the face of relentless criticism.

Yet, when a case such as that of the Cleveland kidnapping occurs and includes forced abortions, the media can somehow face the truth about abortion. Why is that?

This is textbook cognitive DoubleThink.

Abortion …

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