This weird pro-abort ad in favor of Governor Andrew Cuomo’s radical abortion agenda has women speaking but with men’s voices. Aside from the gender-bending aspects that the left seems so fond of, isn’t one of the main arguments against the eeeeevil patriarchy is that it doesn’t give women a voice. But for this ad, that’s a good thing? Not sure I’m following.

Look, men and women are different. They just are.

There’s no doubt that many women are at a disadvantage in the workplace because some men are jerks. Many of the guys in the boardroom are the same guys who stood in the corner of the gym at the prom too scared to talk to the girls. But legalizing baby killing doesn’t make some men less jerky. In fact, abortion on demand offers jerky men the opportunity to be even jerkier to women.

The ad forwards the old trope that if men could have babies then abortion would be seen as awesomely cool by one and all. That’s because feminists are desperate to keep your attention off the baby. Abortion is just about women’s rights, you see. Ignore the body count.