A shooting reportedly occurred at a Catholic Church yesterday.

Doctors say a Utah man shot in the head by his son-in-law during a Father’s Day Catholic Mass is expected to survive.

Dr. Barbara Kerwin of McDay-Dee Hospital in Ogden says James Evans is still in critical condition but expected to live. She says the bullet went through his jaw and cheek, missing the brain.

Police say 35-year-old Charles Richard Jennings Jr. walked into Mass hand-in-hand with his wife, Evans’ daughter. Authorities say Jennings went up to Evans and shot him near the back of the Saint James the Just Catholic Church in Ogden.

Jennings was captured Sunday afternoon after fleeing in a stolen pickup truck.

Ogden police don’t yet know the motive of the shooting.

The Rev. Eric Richsteig says Jennings had previously made threats but didn’t elaborate.

You might know Fr. Eric’s blog Orthometer. Today, please keep him and everyone involved in your prayers. Fr. Eric released a statement on his blog, saying:

Many of you know that there was a shooting at my church this Sunday. I am not going to comment on the events in particular. I do want to say that I am very proud of how the parishioners reacted. They prayed, remained calm, helped the victim, made sure the shooter was away from the church. That was God’s grace at work. Jim, the victim, came through surgery and is going to be OK. That too was God’s grace. The shooter was caught without hurting anyone else. God’s grace. When I think of today, I am not going to think about the act of one evil man. I am going to think about the many acts of goodness, kindness, and bravery of many good people. I feel blessed.