Here’s my prediction. Ready? Father’s Day and Mother’s Day will be eradicated and commingled into one generic “Parent’s Day” within the next ten years as a nod to sensitivity. It’ll be like what happened to Abraham Lincoln and George Washington’s birthdays becoming a generic “President’s Day.” But for crazy different reasons.

I thought of this because of an article I just read by Abby Bergman, a frequent writer for HuffPo Teen. The high schooler seems to write about her two Moms often. In her latest she complains that having two mommies makes Father’s Day awkward. And as we know, kids feeling momentarily awkward was enough of a catastrophic event to have prayer drummed out of public schools and government buildings so it’s definitely enough for Father’s Day.

Bergman writes:

Although my school was the epitome of an inclusive environment, I still found myself feeling somewhat left out whenever my elementary school teacher would break out the craft supplies and announce we would be making gifts for our dads.

Go back to this week nine years ago and I am a carefree second grader with no concept of prejudice. The teacher announces that we are stopping our reading lesson early to work on Father’s day projects. I unabashedly rush up to the teacher to remind her that since I do not have a dad, I cannot make a gift. Without missing a beat, my teacher tells me that I should still make a card and then just give it to a different man in my family.

So to avoid such horrors in the future, Abby Bergman’s brilliant solution is…to do away with Father’s Day.

Can you imagine the hubris of having an awkward moment in second grade and because of that recommending doing away with a national holiday?

I don’t deny that we need a day to recognize our parents — maybe even more than one. But in our modern society shouldn’t we be able to celebrate a holiday that includes everyone? Families come in all shapes and sizes. According to All Children Matter, only 22 percent of households consist of married heterosexual couples raising children together. So instead of one day where we feel pressured by society (and Hallmark) to recognize a parent of a particular gender, how about if we all use every day to thank and honor all of our parents.

This is happening. Any takers on ten years? Over? Under?

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