Amnesty International as well as several other pro-abortion rights groups and the media (wait, is that redundant?) are pounding their fists and demanding that an 11 year old rape victim not be denied an abortion. But there’s one problem. The 11 year old rape victim doesn’t actually want an abortion. This may be the first case of a worldwide coerced abortion.

This news story is pretty typical of how this is being covered.

The Times of the UK reports this paragraph about a poor 11 year old girl who was reportedly raped by her stepfather.

The headline reads “Chilean girl is refused abortion after stepfather rape” and shows an image of a priest holding up a rosary so clearly they’re setting off this girl’s desire for an abortion with the eeeeeevil Church which forces women to carry babies they don’t want.

Check out the lede which absolutely implodes on itself in the very next paragraph.

An 11-year girl who became pregnant when her stepfather raped her is being denied an abortion in Chile. The case has caused controversy in the predominantly Roman Catholic country, one of seven in Latin America with an outright ban on abortion.

It was further complicated this week when the girl appeared on television and said she wanted to keep the child.

So a girl is being denied an abortion that she doesn’t want? I’m a little confused.

You have to understand. This is the template that worked so very well in Ireland, so now they’re using it in Chile. They politicized the death of Savita Halappanavar and somehow twisted the facts to attribute her death to a denied abortion. It wasn’t true. But they won so we should expect more of this and say a little prayer for this 11 year old girl.