Planned Parenthood in Colorado recently announced that they were closing two clinics. Why? Because Planned Parenthood is going broke fighting off these personhood amendments that pro-lifers in Colorado keep trying to get passed.

Here’s the thing. I know pro-lifers are all sorts of split on whether we should push personhood or not. But Planned Parenthood knows that if they lose that battle it’s game over so they go hog wild to defeat it. According to WND, Planned Parenthood outspent pro-lifers on that issue 10-1.

This reminds me of Ronald Reagan talking up the missile defense program that scared the bejeezus out of the USSR. So the Russians spent billions on more weapons and ended up going broke. Yes, to stave off annihilation they went broke and annihilated themselves. Good strategy.

So even though the personhood amendment never really had a chance of passing, the results of even picking the fight have been beneficial.

Let’s make them keep fighting on every level. Keep fighting efforts to defund them. Keep fighting personhood amendments. Keep fighting in court. Making them fear losing money will make them spend money and go broke. Works for me.