My wife and I were looking to get a little work done around the house, namely to take down the nasty, rotting pillar type things holding up the front of our house and replace them with pillars that don’t make me dash through the overhang on my way to the mailbox because I’m pretty sure it’s going to crash down on my head any minute.

So I went online and found a few local companies that do such things and I sent an email to them explaining what I needed done. The next day I checked my email and I see a response. Here’s what I get:

I was surprised see your email :O because I closed down my business about two years ago and I’ve taken on a regular job in an office cubicle 🙁

My brother in law still does the kind of work you’re interested in so I forwarded your email to him and you should expect a response some time today or tomorrow. :).

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