A lesbian couple claims a Church of England vicar refused to baptize a baby after they both insisted on being registered as the mother, according to the UK Telegraph.

Aimi, from Gosport, Hants, said: “Rev Gebauer sat there and told us no child could have parents of the same sex, no child could have two mothers.

“There was no way one of us was going to be listed as the Godparent. We are both Alfie’s mum.

“He did all this for about 10 or 15 minutes and was asking us why we want Alfie brought into the church.

“I’m baptised Church of England, and Victoria is a Catholic. We want him to be brought up the same as we were.”

Reverend George Gebauer said he’d be willing to write one down as the mother but not both. So they stormed out and it would appear they called the press as well.

And guess what, The Anglican Church quickly reversed the vicar’s decision.

However, Ven Gavin Collins, Archdeacon of the Meon, said today he was happy for the christening to go ahead as planned – with both named as the mother…

“We have addressed the legal issue. As I understand it, her partner Victoria has full legal co-parental responsibility for Alfie. We can therefore enter their details onto the baptism register as ‘mother’ and ‘mother’, as they would like.

“I’m pleased that this issue has been resolved, and we look forward to welcoming Aimi, Victoria, Alfie and their friends and family. I’m sure it will be a great occasion as we welcome him into the Christian family.”

If you’d like to know why the Anglican Church is dying, here it is.

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