This is great. Prince William and Kate Middleton don’t typically accept gifts because…well let’s face it, their whole lifestyle is a huge humongous gift and I guess they don’t want to seem greedy. But recently they made an exception. It was a good one.

The HuffPo reports:

Tazia Fawley, 43, spent six months crafting a bright painting of children’s classic Rupert the Bear flying over a bridge in the Bristol Balloon Festival in England in hopes that the royal couple would accept it and hang it in their home.

After the artist completed her piece, Suzie Moffat, director of Heart & Sold, an organization that promotes artists with Down syndrome, took a photo of it and sent it on to the palace to see if the new parents would be interested in it. Soon after, she received an enthusiastic note from the couple saying they would gladly welcome the work of art.

It was a move that Fawley’s mother says will encourage other people with Down syndrome to pursue their dreams, and will also help to chip away at the stigma that still surrounds Down syndrome in the UK, according to Moffat.

“In England, there always has been a stigma attached to (Down syndrome), and now that is washed away by the fact that the Duke and Duchess have accepted that painting,’’ Moffat told TODAY. “For this to happen, it’s kind of turned that negativity around.”

That’s a pretty awesome and human thing to do.

I’m still happy we had the whole American Revolution thing but it makes me like them a bit more.