My heart breaks for this woman in this BBC report. I wish she would’ve made a different decision though. Her baby was diagnosed with anencephaly, which essentially is the absence of a brain or a skull. So she and the father of the baby have decided to abort.

Shockingly, she takes a radically materialist viewpoint saying that the baby is not an individual or even human because the baby isn’t developing a brain. That scares me. But the way she does it, as if this were simply common sense, is what shocked me the most.

It’s a weird thing to feel sympathy for this woman who is saying something I find so horrible. But I do. Her pain is real. It is her decision that I reject. The whole thing is just heartbreaking.

It reminds me of how radical the Church is, how countercultural, to teach that every life is sacred. We live in a dark time. Keep praying that the Church’s light shines brighter.