Just imagine what the media would be saying if Pope Benedict XVI had done what Pope Francis did recently.

According to The Catholic Herald, Pope Francis gave €200 (£170) to a woman who had been the victim of a mugging. She’s written to the pope earlier.

Last week a package arrived at the door of a local priest from the pope saying: “Please deliver in the manner it deems appropriate, the relevant amount to the lady in question, that it is a gift of His Holiness, who offers her his apostolic blessing accompanied by desired aid and divine comfort for her and for her husband.”

The media will, of course, love this story. Hey, I love it too. But I’m just wondering how the media would’ve handled it during the previous papacy. Here’s seven possible headlines if Pope Benedict XVI had done the same thing:

7) Pope gives .0000001% of Vatican riches to mugging victim.

Please check out the rest at the National Catholic Register>>>

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