reports that a retired Catholic priest officiated at a same-sex marriage in New Jersey.

New Jersey’s new marriage equality law went into effect just after 12 a.m. on Monday, and dozens of couples across the state marked the historic shift by exchanging midnight vows.

Three couples in Asbury Park got a little help from retired Catholic priest Rev. Thomas Pivinski, who officiated their ceremonies and called his state’s recognition of marriage equality “wonderful.”

“I am just very grateful that the state has recognized the equality of all people,” he added.

So I just did a quick Google search on the priest. There’s more going on with this guy than just being retired. For one, he preaches and worships at an Episcopal Church in Asbury Park. Secondly, he has a “partner” named Malcolm.

According to the website of Trinity, an Episcopal Church:

Fr. Tom, a Catholic priest is retired from active ministry and has a small private psychotherapy practice in Asbury Park. Tom and his partner, Malcolm, have lived in Asbury Park for 12 years with their dogs: Chloe, Bojkie, Lily and Rosie.

They are co-owners of Heaven Art and Antiques on 721 Cookman Avenue and both are involved in Asbury’s civic life. Malcolm works with the Urban Enterprise Zone (UEZ), which works at bringing new business into Asbury Park and contributes to restoring the city’s infrastructure.

Tom is a Monmouth County Master Gardener, the Chair of the Asbury Park Environment and Shade Tree Commission and the Vice Chair of the Asbury park Hope Academy Charter School; Foundation Board.

Tom says, “Trinity has become my place of worship because of its uniqueness as a diverse community of faith. Tradition and ritual are wrapped in welcome and acceptance and God is alive here. The invitation to extend the Eucharistic table out the doors into our daily life where a God-hungry world awaits is a constant theme that nourishes and challenges me every Sunday.”

Tom assists Trinity by doing the pre-marital counseling with couples, participating in the Adult Formation classes, and preaching at the weekend liturgies on a regular basis.

So I’ve got to wonder, is it really fair for to refer to Pivinski in their lede as just a retired Catholic priest when he’s preaching at an Episcopal Church?