TV & Movie Edition (Vol. 1)

Why in every movie or TV show about a dystopian future, they have flying cars and amazing graphic displays, but they can’t seem to control the steam coming up from below the streets problem? They have all this amazing technology, but nobody ever gave the steamy streets a thought? How hard could this be to fix? Maybe dystopia wouldn’t be so bad if they fixed it. After that, you would just have the misunderstood killer androids to deal with.

Why do directors and producers still continue to hire known actors for seemingly inconsequential parts in movies when everybody knows that means he is really the bad guy? If you hire Max Von Sydow or Malcolm McDowell as the police chief, most of us are gonna catch on. I mean, why not hire John Stamos just to keep it interesting?

Why are all the black people on the Walking Dead either very angry or very dead? The only way you survive on the show is to be white AND British.

How long until the Movie Braveheart is banned from TV not because Mel Gibson is racist but because Longshanks throws a gay guy out the window?

Why does every guy I know have a show that they know is not really that good but they watch it every week anyway? Corollary: Am I the only person that realizes that HULU is the killer
app for those who want to watch crap shows so that nobody else knows
it? “Honey, what are you doing? I am on my computer!!”

Why is it whenever bad guys hide a secret device in the home base of the
good guys, it has blinking L.E.D. lights on it. I mean, if the whole
purpose is to ‘secret’ the device, some design considerations could have
been made to lose the blinking lights? A corollary question; Why do
the good guys never notice the blinking lights?

Why is it that every time you write about television, somebody in the combox will tell you they threw out their television in 1991, but they still seem to know that Joss Whedon takes way too long to get his meta-narrative going?

Why do they keep casting Elizabeth Mitchell in shows intended to recapture the magic of LOST (sci-fi epic mystery dramas) when she was the most irritating character/actor on the show?

I sometimes wonder if when Eric Bana looks in the mirror he sees an expressionless and slightly more talented Cory Feldman staring back at him?

When TV shows or movies get religious elements and I.T. speak blatantly wrong, it is a sign of a really crap director. Do your freakin’ homework you lazy bum.

Is Jim Caviezel the highest paid actor per word on T.V.?

More to come….

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