The world has lost its collective mind.  Canada’s highest court has declared prostitution laws unconstitutional.

I mean, this shouldn’t surprise any of us. This is the way of the world now. It is your body, you can do whatever disgusting immoral and self-destructive thing you want to it as long as it involves your sex organs. Sugary drinks and e-cigarettes are still prohibited thank goodness.

OTTAWA — Canada’s highest court has declared prostitution laws unconstitutional and has given Parliament a year to make them Charter-compliant should it wish to continue to impose limits on the sex trade.

It means being caught in a bawdy-house, living off the profits of another’s prostitution and soliciting sex in public will remain crimes until December 2014, but that legal brothels could be a reality in Canada by next Christmas should Parliament decide to do nothing.

In a landmark, unanimous ruling Friday, the Supreme Court of Canada found bawdy-house laws that make it a crime to be caught unlawfully in what is essentially a brothel are “grossly disproportionate” to the intent of the law, which is to prevent community nuisance.

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