I was traipsing through the blogosphere and came upon ReligiousLeftLaw.com.

I don’t mean to call out this college professor for writing in that way that academics have but come on. It struck me as funny because it’s so intellectual gobbldeygooky that it’s almost satire. Here’s just the first sentence of Patrick S. O’Donnell’s on…well to be honest I still don’t know what the heck he’s talking about.

The regnant ideological doctrine in theory if not praxis of this nation’s particular incarnation of post-welfare capitalist democracy can be described as a neo-liberal technocratic plutocracy suffused with a Constitution-transcending or constitutionally defiant legal ethos defined by an institutionally entrenched insecurity and paranoia that generates panoptical surveillance ambitions and totalizing information-gathering practices by both public agencies and private firms within the terms and constraints of a feverishly financialized turbo-capitalism on the one hand, and a colossal Orwellian National Security State on the other hand.

He has to be doing this on purpose, right?

Who talks like that?

Oh wait, I know what he’s saying? I just figured it out. He’s telling us he got a thesaurus for Christmas. Be careful man, those things can be dangerous.

*subhead*We talkin’ ’bout praxis.*subhead*