This is the left’s favoritest baby…evah!!! A nun gave birth to a baby and it’s worldwide news. Hey, I’m just happy it was one of those pro-life nuns. Ahem. Sister Simone “above my pay grade” Campbell could not be reached for comment.

She named the baby “Francis” so that helps.

But let’s face it, the left and the media (wait, is that redundant?) hasn’t been this happy about a birth since…well…ever.

Thousands of newspapers are running the story.

NY Post: Nun gives birth, claims she didn’t know she was pregnant

NY Daily News: Newest ‘little disciple’: Nun at Little Disciples of Jesus convent gives birth, names child Francis like Pope

UPI: Nun in Italy gives birth, ‘unaware’ she was pregnant

You get the idea. A woman had a baby! Wow! Of course, they like this story because it embarrasses the Church, or at least they think it does. The thing is, as Christians we know that everyone falls short of who were aim to be. I pray for this woman and her child.