A few weeks back we met Deacon Sandy when he put up a video touting the uniqueness of his Good Shepherd parish. He was then embarrassed by all the people that took note of their uniqueness.

He asked us to take down the video because he said they no longer stood by it. That they were rethinking their approach. It took him at his word, taking down the video, giving him the benefit of the doubt.

Well, today I’m thinking there needs to be serious cuts in benefits.

On the weekend following the whole kerfuffle, Deacon Sandy gave a homily at Good Shepherd. The homily includes copious use of visual aids courtesy of the the projectors on screens, projectors that cost thousands even though Deacon Sandy claimed the parish is so impoverished that they cannot afford kneelers.

Later on in the homily, Deacon Sandy Sites talks about how we worry about having nice things. To illustrate the point he puts up a slide with many designer labels.

“We are extremely concerned as a society about the labels on our clothes and the brand, because we’re worried about what people will think about us. Aren’t we? For guys it might be Brooks Brothers, it might be Versace. Ladies, it might be Prada or it might be Coach…But we worry about that. And these are the kinds of thing God is saying, “Don’t worry about it.” Here is how bad it gets in our Church.”

Then Deacon Sandy puts up a picture of Pope Benedict in his red shoes.**

Cue mocking laughter from the congregation.

See the horrifying moment here.

**Again he took the video down trying to hide. This time, an enterprising soul posted it for me. Thanks Ben!

This is absolutely disgraceful. Putting forth Pope Benedict to be mocked for his materialism. Subjecting a Pope to ridicule and maligning his character suggesting that the Pope is a shallow materialist worried about fashion and what people will think of him.

This is despicable behavior. Deacon Sandy should publicly apologize to Pope Benedict and should no longer have the privilege of giving homilies until such a time as the Bishop can be confident that such a thing could never happen again. This behavior is beyond disgraceful.

Please let Deacon Sandy know what you think about this as well as his Bishop.  If the Bishop needs it, I have a copy of the video. Please share this as this needs to stop.

Deacon Sandy Sites
Parish Director / Good Shepherd Parish / www.mygoodshepherd.org / + Land / sitess@archmil.org

Most Reverend Jerome E. Listecki
Archbishop of Milwaukee


Original Video Here