The Archdiocese of Philadelphia has instituted an interesting program called “Mass Mob.”

Catholics from the Philadelphia area will come together periodically to attend Mass at the same time in some of the beautiful and historic churches the Archdiocese of Philadelphia has to offer. This is a way of joining together as well as in support of the Parish communities.

The first Mass en masse will be held on Sunday March 23rd at beautiful St. Francis Xavier in Philadelphia at the 11:30 Mass. Future mass mob meetings will be forthcoming via social media.

Seems like an interesting idea to me.

If it’s a success though, as a parishioner I’d like to know beforehand so I could leave a little earlier. The last thing I’d want to find when I get the kids out the door for Mass on Sunday morning is our pew is filled with some Mass mob punks.

I also hope there’s not a spinoff charismatic Mass mob that starts doing hand motions and whoopin’ and hollerin’ throughout Mass. That’d be weird.