Yay. I love The Incredibles. And Brad Bird is one of the greatest directors out there that nobody knows. Now, we’re going to get a sequel. Matt is very happy. So happy that I’m willing to talk about myself in the third person for no apparent reason.

If I may give more advice to Brad Bird it’d be simple: More Edna Moad!

The Guardian:

Disney-owned animation studio Pixar is to produce a sequel to the Oscar-winning animation The Incredibles, more than a decade after Brad Bird’s hugely popular tale of a family of retired superheroes first hit cinemas.

The new instalment was announced yesterday by Walt Disney’s Bob Iger at a briefing for shareholders in Portland, Oregon. Iger also said Pixar would work on a second sequel to 2006’s Cars.

The Incredibles is set in a world in which superheroes exist but have been banned from crime fighting. Mr Incredible (voiced by Craig T Nelson) has been living incognito as plain old Bob Parr when a mysterious offer gives him the chance to return to action. Soon he and his wife Helen (nee Elastigirl), along with their three children (who are developing superpowers of their own), are caught up in a not entirely welcome new adventure.

Bird followed up The Incredibles, his first Pixar film, with 2007’s Ratatouille, winning the Oscar for best animation for both films. They are considered highlights from a golden era of animation, between Finding Nemo in 2003 and Toy Story 3 in 2010, in which Pixar won the prize a remarkable six times.