We are so done. Biblical comeuppance cannot come fast enough.

Rorate reports on the woeful situation in Argentina in which a ‘married’ lesbian couple will present their child for baptism in the Cathedral right after the two mommies are confirmed.

Karina and Soledad had to demand the authorization of the Archdiocese. “I had an audience with Archbishop Carlos Ñáñez so that he would give the order, and he confirmed to me that there will be no problem in the Cathedral,” she explained. [The Cathedral] Parish priest Carlos Varas will preside at er the ceremony

The two ladies will receive Confirmation on the same day and, at 10:30 the baptism of Umma Azul will take place, with a godfather who is a friend of the family and two godmothers, the President and a friend.

One can have a debate about the baptism and if there is a reasonable belief the child will be raised in the faith (I think we should err on the side of generosity) but how do out, proud, and married lesbians living in obstinate sin get confirmation?

I give up. If Bishops won’t defend the faith, how can I?