A New Hampshire public Middle School gave students a sex survey without parental notification. The survey asked about their sexual experiences and their sexual orientation. Nice, huh? Don’t worry, they said it was just a mix up. You know, these things happen.

Turth Revolt:

Parents were notified with a letter sent home stating that the school would be surveying their children about alcohol and drugs. What they were not told was that the questionnaire also contained advanced questions about sex, especially considering this age range of 11 to 14.

Fox 25 spoke with the school’s superintendent who said it was an “oversight” that the note sent home to parents did not include the term “sex.”

One question, partially obstructed in the video above, asks about how often a student uses condoms or a Depo-Provera shot (birth control injection) when they have sex. Other questions asked are: “Would you say that you are only straight/heterosexual, mostly straight/heterosexual, bisexual, mostly lesbian/gay or only lesbian/gay?

Which of the following best describes you: Female, male, transgender, male-to-female, transgender female-to-male, transgender, do not identify as exclusively male or female, or not sure?

It’s no wonder, public schools have to trap children into their schools.