Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia’s wife has been involved with crisis pregnancy centers and should therefore recuse himself from ruling on buffer zones around abortion clinics. That’s the argument being offered by Jezebel, the pro-abortion website.

A reliable voice against abortion, contraception, and really anything that doesn’t directly promote the welfare of white Christian landowners, Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia is a talk radio absorbing lunatic who thinks Satan is, like, a real guy. He’s also married to a woman who once sat on the board of a so-called Crisis Pregnancy Center and may currently work as a “sidewalk counselor” (let’s be real: “abortion clinic protester”). So why is Justice Scalia allowed to weigh in on a Supreme Court Cases that might directly affect his family?

So essentially the piece by the pro-abortion site seems to argue that if you’re a pro-life judge you can’t rule on anything related to abortion.

But clearly, Elena Kagan could rule on all things Obamacare. Yeah, that’s perfectly fine.