Who’d have thought that that a little thing like the internet could transform the greatest country in the history of the world into an army of 24-7 perpetual rage monkeys? Well, it has. Everyone’s offended. All the time.

I think maybe the reason people like being offended is because they think it gives them carte blanche to say ridiculous things like “carte blanche” or just to act like complete morons and blame you for it. It doesn’t matter if you give offense, they’re taking it. No givebacks.

Maybe “I’m offended” is the 21st century equivalent of holding your hand to your chest and gasping, “Well, I never.” Except now there’s usually lawyers involved or at least two representatives of your Human Resources department because they never come alone (because lawyers told them not to.) And then the person who did the offending needs to hire a very expensive publicist to write up a non-apology apology which nobody will actually believe.

Or maybe “I’m offended” simply means “shut up or I’ll sue” or “stop talking now or I’ll get you fired.”

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